Teaching and Learning Resources for Economics


This is an initiative of the Department of Economics at the University of South Africa to provide teachers and learners of economics with teaching and learning resources.  These resources are open educational resources (OERs) under the creative commons licence.

The following are examples of what we are working on. Please send comments and suggestions to Bernard Serfontein at

Economic glossary

ECS1501 and ECS 1500 (Introduction to economics)
Brief introduction to graphs
Kort inleiding tot grafieke

ECS1501 (Economics 1)
Opportunity cost

The production possibility curve

You tube playlist: Demand, Supply and Prices (English only and is based on the DVD)

Knowledge granules (From the CD)
What economics is all about
The interdependence between the major sectors
Demand, supply and prices
Demand and supply in action
   Changes in demand and supply
   Interaction between markets
   Price ceilings and price floors
Background to demand: The theory of consumer choice
Background to supply: The theory of production and cost
     Law of diminishing returns
     Short run production function
     Cost of production

Perfect competition
Imperfect competition
Labour market

Macroeconomics (ECS2602)
Workbook project (English and Afrikaans)
You Tube playlist for goods market (English and Afrikaans)
You Tube playlist for financial market (English and Afrikaans)
You tube playlist for IS-LM model (Mainly English)
Derivation of the IS curve (English only)

Knowledge granules project (from the CDROM)

Goods market 
Fiscal policy in the goods market 

  The financial market 

The IS-LM model
Interactive knowledge granules, video clips and voice over

  The labour market

The AS-AD model
  The AS curve

The AD curve
  Monetary policy in the AS-AD model
  Fiscal policy in the AS-AD model

Test yourself:
Multiple choice questions covering the above:
Test 1  Test 2  Test 3

The teaching and learning resources that we intend to develop and make freely available on this website are:

  • An economics glossary
  • Interactive web material
  • Video clips
  • Slide presentations
  • Problems and solutions
  • Case studies
  • Examples
  • Economics in the news
  • Data sets to support exercises
  • Links to WWW resources


Hope you have a great time teaching and learning economics