Knowledge granules for Economics 

The objective behind this project is the creation of "independent", self-contained units of educational content in economics which can be used on its own or combined or sequenced to form longer educational interactions. An interactive multimedia knowledge granule integrates text, graphics, audio and video on a computer-based platform and is a unique form of electronic student support offered to our undergraduate students.

At the lowest level, a knowledge granule consists of a description of a concept. To enhance and enrich some of these knowledge granule, an explanation is provided with aids such as text, graphics, animation, sound, video clips and examples.

What you can expect on this site is a number of knowledge granules dealing with some of the topics in your course. It does not cover the whole course and it concentrates on those issues that we believe you have problems with and that can be explained better with the aid of the computer. 

Remember the best way to study economics is by studying actively with pen and paper and putting glue on your chair. 

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comments and suggestions.

Hope you have a great time and learn some economics

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